The Great Bug Hunt 2014
Discover bugs in your school grounds and win an amazing bug day
The Great Bug Hunt 2014
  Are there bugs in your school grounds?

bring you an exciting new competition
that takes you outside
to explore the bug world!


Simply identify a habitat, explore and discover the bugs that live there, photograph or draw them and record your findings – it’s that simple – plus, with the added benefits of fresh air, having fun and covering important parts of the science curricula in one fell swoop!


The winner will be the submission with the most diverse range of bugs and the most innovative and clearly presented findings – (e.g. map, drawn images or photographs of bugs, tips taken from website, follow-up findings).

-  The Big Bug Experience presented by The Bug Man - 

Martin Rapley on July 11th.

‘Just change your horizons, lower your perspective and the world all around you becomes just as exciting as the African plains or South American Jungle! This is proper adventure; full of dangerous predators, venom squirting monsters and cannibals but equally one filled with exquisite beauty and wonder. Start the adventure and it’s one that'll last you a life time; It's so addictive I can guarantee once you've been on a bug hunt you will never ever be bored again.’

Nick Baker, Naturalist/Presenter

                                                 Nick Baker                                                                  

'The Great Bug Hunt competition is a fun and fascinating way to introduce children to the weird and wacky world of mini beasts. So grab a bug net and awaken their sense of discovery and adventure in the great outdoors.'

Kate Humble, Presenter


Open to UK primary schools and classes and organised by


       with prizes donated by



The competition is designed to promote outdoor science teaching in conjunction with

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